Sea Urchin – On Our Wall

March 19, 2012

I saw the sunburst popping up everywhere, including Pinterest! I pinned a few to my boards. Yo, and to my knowledge they are the original creative folks. Thanks y’all :) This sweet blog isabella and max rooms was asked by HGTV.COM for a list of projects – I think I got that right. Ha

How the Sea Urchin Sunburst was born!


Here’s where the sunburst takes a turn to the ocean. I wanted twigs, like this sunburst. Look how pretty her sunburst is? But apparently I wasn’t paying attention when she lined the twigs up evenly. I was too busy drooling over the twigs! Thats ok – you wouldn’t have seen the uneven mess in my original plan. And then – it was TOO large for my original location…so always have a backup plan! All artist have back up plans. Yes, they do!

I made my trip to IKEA in the rain, that’s how bad I wanted this project! The twigs are located in the living plant department. I bought two packages. I wasn’t sure how long or how many twigs I would need to cut down. In the end, one package would have been plenty. I kept the second package and used it for decor in my living room – it was a wild decision, I know you’re shocked …. That or drive back to IKEA. I love IKEA as much as anyone…just not the traffic.

This project took longer than I wanted (it’s my own fault for not taking precise measurements) – my hands had cramps, from most of the cutting…until I decided to use the yard tools (again, my fault…when cutting twigs always go for the yard tools and not the kitchen scissors) – I can actually hear you laughing! I burnt many fingers with hot glue. My circle wasn’t working out – I had to pull a handful of twigs off and re-hot glue them. That involved more hot glue burns. And then it was TOO big for the location originally planned for (again…precise measurements!!). So back to the idea board – that’s where it sat …or hung (the very visible dining room wall) out for a bit while I came up with a back up.

Removing and hot-gluing again…burning fingers again


After the first idea failed miserably, I needed to think outside the box or rather – what round object would cover the uneven twig mess going on in the middle of my sunburst. I knew I wanted something that didn’t weigh too much – and I was too worried to hot glue a mirror to the twigs…since the hanging location had been changed. In changing the location to the stairwell, I didn’t think a mirror was safe. Who wants shards of mirror embedded into their friends. Not this girl! Safety First!


I was exhausted, I started drinking (my best thinking happens three margaritas in…I kid! Extra salt!)… but never gave up. I was looking at pillows in Target – for our bedroom…not for the center of the sunburst. A pillow as the center would certainly cover up the uneven twig mess, but not the look I was going for. It would be safe for my friends, though, if it fell off the wall. So…fast forward to my “oh yeah” moment I had! Hello, kitchen section – but more importantly, hello chargers!! There it was…it was perfect – it was the most beautiful charger ever! The answer to my prayers – my quest was finally over!! And it was cork!! Instant love…even at ten dollars!

Uh? No mirror? Well isn’t that what a “sunburst” is? Not in this house!


Sometimes things just don’t work out like you see them in your mind and that’s ok!

I hung it in the stairwell – because it was the only wall large enough to hold my sea urchin sunburst creation.



Now I’m gonna go link myself up y’all – check all the creativeness out at the winter Pinterest challenge – Bower Power, The Great Indoors, Hi Sugar Plum, and Young House Love!



2 Responses to Sea Urchin – On Our Wall

  1. Erin @ The Great Indoors on March 26, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Ouch! Sorry your hands were casualties of this project, but it turned out really well, anyway! Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!


  2. BeachHouseView on March 31, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Thank you!! These challenges encourage me to finish or start projects! Ha

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