Day with Dawn

January 14, 2013

We started our day by visiting the tourist attraction known as “Sears Tower” as the locals still call it. On paper and according to Wikipedia – it’s known as Willis Tower.

It was on our list last year, but we obviously didn’t get there…because we went this year.

And weren’t we surprised when we opened the curtains in our hotel room to see this!


The walk over would be short! Only a parking garage between us!


We decided to wait until Saturday to visit the tower – the weather dictated that. I mean…look at the photo above. Can’t see much through the clouds.

After Dawn arrived we hit the town – ok, so we walked over to Willis Tower. If you look and squint your eyes…you can see the four tiny glass boxes at the top. That’s the Ledge.


See the Ledge? There’s four – the tiny glass boxes!


I couldn’t believe all the que lines available for the tower – we didn’t stand in a line at all. Walked in, took the elevator up, bought tickets, “watched a movie”, and there we were… 103rd floor with a 360° view.

Looks like Raye is floating –


We look a little blurry –


Looking down


View of Chicago from the Skydeck


After the Skydeck we walked towards the Christkindlmarket. But first – we needed coffee. We stopped at Starbucks … Raye wanted caribou but they were closed… we warmed up a little bit before we hit the Christkindlmarket for Dawn…so she could buy her boot.


And then we hailed a cab for Lakeview. Too far to walk on a cold day!

For our Chocolate Tour!

But first – it was lunchtime! Stella’s had the best soups and service! We wasted an hour just people watching and talking. And then…it was time to head over to the meeting spot for our Chocolate Tour!


Our Chocolate Tour started at Argo Tea! – we enjoyed a white chocolate tea. It was delicious! Who knew there was such a thing as White Chocolate Tea!


Our next stop was Bobtail Ice Cream
This shop was so cute – imagine an old ice cream parlor.


And the ice cream – three different flavors – cinnamon, bourbon and ?? I wish I could remember…not that it matters…because we inhaled the samples!


Our next stop was at Spare Parts! OMG what a cute accessory store! I wish I had more time to shop – we had a few minutes… I spent those filling out my shipping for my order – chocolate! I’m kinda dying waiting for it arrive!


Our next stop was Loose Leaf Tea – another yummy tea & cookie! I did make a tea purchase here!


Our last stop was at KC Chocolatiers – we enjoyed a few yummy samples. I purchased a chocolate bar for someone’s Christmas stocking.

We enjoyed the chocolate tour! Our guide was knowledgable of the history of chocolate and each store. I loved the atmosphere of Lakeview and hope to visit again!

But wait – there’s more! After our chocolate tour we headed back to – you guessed it… Macy’s on State! This makes our third trip! Raye wanted to do a little shopping, but couldn’t find anything. This store is really huge, maybe next year we’ll know where things are located! I couldn’t stop looking at this ceiling – probably why my neck hurt so bad when I got back to Austin! Seriously, I had to see my chiropractor. This week marks three weeks of neck therapy. But – look at that ceiling…I’d be in a neck brace if I worked there!


We left Macy’s and headed to Nordstrom Rack – Raye found a pair of moccasins and a north face fleece – finally! And then we headed to our last dinner in Chicago!

Our last meal was at Berghoff – it was really nice to sit and eat. And visit with Dawn a little before she headed off for her train. We really loved our time in Chicago…can’t wait to go back!


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4 Responses to Day with Dawn

  1. Dawn on January 15, 2013 at 10:37 am

    merlot chocolate chip was the other ice cream…my favorite!

    • BeachHouseView on January 15, 2013 at 5:17 pm

      Oh yeah! They were all tasty! I may try my hand at homemade ice cream again! This summer!

  2. Dawn on January 15, 2013 at 10:38 am

    And still no Garrett’s popcorn?! That just means you HAVE to come back!

    • BeachHouseView on January 15, 2013 at 5:16 pm

      I know! I can’t believe we’ve been twice and still haven’t bought popcorn!

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