Lunch & The Bean

January 2, 2013

After the PedWay Tour

We were hungry and thought we’d eat at the Christkindlmarket – but it was more crowded and … It was cold! And I really wanted to find a restaurant that we could sit inside and relax. So, after the Christkindlmarket…

We crossed the street to the Italian Village! On a whim…no research, no yelp help, nada… We walked in and had the best lunch! The service was great, everyone that walked by our table was genuinely helpful. The menu was amazing!


The inside was beautiful – we sat in a two person booth (you can see Raye’s sleeve – to the left of the photo…)


hand crafted pasta stuffed with trugole cheese, hand dipped ricotta and parmigiano cheese, seasonal mushrooms, tuscan kale, cippolini

I wanted to lick the plate! (Raye had ravioli with their red sauce & it was delicious, too!)


After lunch we headed back to the hotel (to drop off our Christkindlmarket bag) – and to warm up before we headed back out.

Cloud Gate at night with the city reflecting off the bean


Our reflection in the bean.


After our photos we sat there and listened to the Christmas music for a while…On the way back to our hotel we stopped at Walgreens for some hand warmers – it was a cold night!

On the way back to our hotel we stopped for dinner at Potbelly! I enjoyed a sandwich and Raye had soup!

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