Off To Chicago!

December 26, 2012

This is our second trip to Chicago at Christmas! December 20 – December 23, 2012.

This year we stayed at the JW Marriott Chicago! And that tall building next to us…


Last Thursday morning – early Thursday morning … 4:15am, ok! We woke up and got ourselves ready for our 6am flight to Chicago! So thankful that we were packed and ready to hit the road! We arrived at the airport on time – this time of year you really need to arrive a little earlier just so you don’t miss your flight! Raye grabbed a quick bite to eat and then we got in our southwest line. We had wing seats and free wifi! Not to shabby! It was a little windy taking off and it was rough landing in Chicago, Chicago was expecting a minor amount of snow…and Austin had 800 mph winds the night before! I kinda kid…it was loud enough to keep me awake!

We arrived early in Chicago, but had to wait for our gate to be available. We carried our bags on so we could go straight to our waiting town car! Our town car experience was nice – the car is absolutely without a doubt the best way to get from Midway to any hotel in Chicago.

As we pulled up to our hotel… It didn’t look familiar. AT ALL. I mean… We were staying at this hotel, I mean… WE had reservations at the JW Marriott. They had my name at check in. But nothing looked familiar – where the town car pulled up, the lobby, check in…nothing looked familiar!

And it finally hit me – we made reservations at a different Marriott than last year. Only after I called Stephen did it make sense! I just assumed we were staying at last years hotel on Michigan. This year we were on Adams and State!

Once we arrived to our room – this was our view…out of our 12th floor antique window!


Can you see the chain? And the new windows were installed inside – see the old handles that were used to raise the windows? I loved that they saved the old windows!


Raye watching the snow flurries. See how large the windows are?


Out of our executive level room! Yes, we used the lounge! The employees in the lounge were awesome! The food, service, and directions! Thank you!

The beautiful Christmas tree that greeted us daily.


I’m pretty sure this was Raye’s favorite thing about the room – do you see it?


The Tower at night.


At 5pm this snack showed up – Marriott Rewards is awesome! I’ve never had sushi and edamame show up!


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  1. Dawn on December 27, 2012 at 11:27 am

    Thank you for visiting again. I love your annual visits. And that the lights on SEARS Tower are in the red and green for Christmas.

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