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November 2, 2011

I saw this link par-tay for a Pinterest Challenge – and decided to hook up! Lots of talent here! – Bower Power, Ana-White, Young House Love and House of Earnest!

Anyone can do this – I promise! Last year I visited the goodwill and bought several round glass containers. I don’t remember doing anything with them last year. The End! I kid – sorta of – I’m THAT person. Ha. My inspiration came from here and here!


I took my spool of twine and my hot glue gun (not shown here, but I had it, really) – and glued the twine around the neck of the glass – as shown – lol. Isn’t that cool – I love all the twine fibers sticking out. I just noticed, the price tag is showing in this photo – bahaha

Then I raided the pantry for the filling and found a container of expired rice (you can fill it with what ever you have in your pantry – rice, beans, corn, etc…) – perfect! But wait, I still needed a candle – so I got on my hands and knees and way back in the back of my candle cabinet, I found one green votive. So, there ya have it – now I need to Harvest up my mantel!

I will not be burning the candle – just in case, you just never know. It’s just for looks, y’all! Safety first!

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